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It has always been a challenging condition for candidates to match the skills requirements of the industries and also, for colleges to train candidates and help to get placed. Therefore, NIT Trainings has become a one-stop resource centre for industry and academia. 

Furthermore, we make sure that our partner organizations will become as desirable as other famous institutions by upskilling the candidates. Adding to this, we stay updated with the latest developments in the skills space and perform extensive research to improve the quality and delivery of our training. 


Why COE & CRT?

There are many strong reasons to partner with us. Join us and experience the ultimate benefits.

  • Mentorship: Career guidance where industry experts counsel the candidates on emerging technologies.
  • Workshops: Technology training based on students’ interests and capabilities.
  • Incubation centre: Provide facilities to develop prototypes. Webinars/Seminars: Hear from the industry experts.
  • Real-Time projects: Each candidate will get an opportunity to work on one real-time live project.
  • Mock interviews: Customised one-on-one interview sessions by our SMEs.
  • Internship: An opportunity to work as an intern with our premium clients.
  • Placement: Every candidate will have an opportunity to attend at least 3 to 5 job interviews with our clients.
  • Average to below average placement ratio.
  • Students are getting trained by a teacher, not by an industry expert.
  • Lack of Technology guidance & Mentorship.
  • Unable to access the course software on their own systems.
  • Impact on college reputation.
  • Pool of certified real-time trainers in India.
  • Prepare and let candidates experience our on-job Training by our Real-time industry experts.

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