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Hadoop Course Overview

Considering the current market trend and industry requirements, Big Data Hadoop is playing a great role and is renowned as the best career option for graduates and working professionals. So, if you want to make a career in Big Data Hadoop, this online Hadoop training course is the right choice for you. In this Hadoop course, you will learn the fundamentals and also master the concepts of the Hadoop framework. 

Furthermore, as this Hadoop certification course syllabus is curated by the top industry professionals, you will gain job-ready skills through which you can explore a great career. Also, our most experienced mentors will help you gain in-depth knowledge on Hadoop Ecosystem tools such as MapReduce, HDFS, Hive, YARN, Pig, etc. Adding to this, in this Hadoop Certification course online, our expert trainers will provide you with hands-on experience by helping you to work on real-time projects and thus, boost your skills and ability.

Along with this Hadoop certification course online, we will help you find the right career path through our job assistance program. So, as part of the training and placement program, we will help you with resume preparation, mock interviews, etc., and thus, boost your confidence to drive through the doors of success. 

NIT Trainings offers the industry-recognized Hadoop training course in Hyderabad that compare corporate training and online training effectively to fulfill the educational demands of students worldwide. This online training for Hadoop will enable you to work with real-time projects using HDFS and MapReduce to store analyzing large-scale data. Enroll now for Hadoop course training & placement in Hyderabad with NIT Trainings.

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Frequently Asked Questions :-

In this Hadoop Certification course online, you will master skills such as Spark, Sqoop, Apache Flume, AVRO, SBT/Eclipse, Scala, Pig, Hive, Scala REPL, HCatalog, Apache Kafka, Impala, and Spark Streaming.

Though Hadoop is a Java-based software framework, it does not require much coding. With the Hadoop components such as Pig and Hive, you can work just with a basic understanding of Java.

As the adoption rate of Big Data is increasing widely, there is a huge requirement for Hadoop professionals who are experts in interpreting and using data. It is the most demanded career field where trained and certified candidates and experienced professionals can experience great career opportunities. Therefore, Hadoop is the most valuable skill to learn as it allows you to get a rewarding job and build your career.

If you want to learn a Hadoop certification course online, then it is essential to have a basic understanding of Java and SQL.   


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